1975 Ford Cortina 3.0 XLE

1975 Ford Cortina 3.0 XLE…

“RHD import from South Africa which starts runs and drives. The previously owner we are told had this vehicle from new. Its pretty good on the floors but unfortunately over the years there has been a few diy repairs which has left it a bit cosmetically challenged. Really needs a restoration but not a bad starting point and rare being a 3.0 factory model. All the tax and duty has been paid and its now fully UK registered.

Body – Good inner wings, floors in the main are decent. Good chassis rails and door posts. Evidence of diy repairs on scuttle ends, offside rear inner arch (see it when you open osr door), n/s sill, spare wheel well. These area will all need investigated and repaired properly. Repair needed on nsf floor pan. Small hole in lower front panel and evidence of repairs on both lower rear quarters at the bottoms. Good bonnet and bootlid. The bonnet is the larger v6 one with the bigger hump at the front. Doors are useable but have a bit of bubbling at the bottom. Paintwork looks to have been entrusted to “Ronnie Rattle Can” and there are loads of diy touch ups. This is not a car thats been tarted up to sell but one thats been kept going but whoevers worked on it appears to have been a bit limited on their bodywork skills. It definitely looks better in the pics than it is in reality. Best to come and see it. Chromework is fairly straight but bit damage to rubbing strips on bumpers.”

More info & images on eBay >> https://bit.ly/3LEt8KY

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