MK2 Gp4 Ford Escort Rally Car

MK2 Gp4 Ford Escort Rally Car

Unfortunately after many years of putting it off until “Tomorrow” or “Next Week” the time has finally come (with a heavy heart I must ad) to part with a long time project of Myself and my Dads. We just simply haven’t got the time or inclination to finish this, and its time to let it go.

The Original plan was to build a Modern Spec Mk2 Escort, but then as the “historic” scene became more popular, we decided to go down that route, so the cage pieces going from front leg to suspension leg had to be cut, as shown in the photos.

Depending on your use/want, it might need to be slightly fettled/modified/changed. But the rest of it is all there, and it is as photos. The route taken from here onward is yours.

PREPFAB (Richard Lepley) Gp4 Prepared (no 0406) around 2003-2005 (cant quite remember but will check)

Fully Seam Welded.
Double Skinned Bulkhead.
Big Gp4 Radiator and Oil Cooler Cutouts.
Exhaust Tunnel
Seat Rails.
15″ Rear Tubs.
Gp4 Round Turrets.
Tank Platform.
Dry Sump Tank Platform.
Bonnet, Boot and Doors (all off that car)

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