Gallery – Full On Ford Day, Crail Raceway, August 29th 2021

Lee Ogilvie from the Ford 70’s,80’s,90’s Fan Page visited the Full on Ford day at Crail Raceway on 29th August…

There was plenty of track action track action with trophies awarded for;

Fastest up to 1300cc
Fastest up to 1600cc Naturally Aspirated
Fastest up to 1600cc Forced Induction
Fastest up to 2000cc
Fastest up to 2500cc
Fastest over 2500cc
Fastest Diesel
Fastest Classic
Best Drifter

For those not wanting to risk panel damage there were also off track show and shine awards for;

5 trophies for the best individual FORD cars on the day, as picked by independent judges.

Chosen by independent judge; not just for number of cars, but for car quality and display.

BEST NON-FORD This is a car park award where we will be looking for the best Non-Ford in attendance so even if you you don’t have a Ford, you can still win!

Thanks to Lee for the images, some quality Fords in attendance… the MK1 Capri was our pick of the day!


L.Ogilvie Photography

Ford 70’s,80’s,90’s Fan Page