Gallery – Yanks & Classics Meet, 31st August 2021

We took the Mexico over to the ‘Yanks & Classics Meet’ on Tuesday night held in Rudyard.

As the name suggests there’s usually a lot of new and old Americana at this event along with a number of hotrods and such like. However there are normally a few UK classics as well so we nipped down for a pint. There were some lovely Mustangs, a few Ford Anglia’s and a nice Ford Capri 280 Brooklands in attendance along with a few Jags and MG’s.

Star of the show for me was a two tone Split Screen VW Camper in pretty much concourse condition. It was still in build with the rear interior still to fit out but all that had been done was incredible. It was running a Passat engine you could have eaten your dinner off and the attention to detail was insane.

The paint job was staggering, not a flaw in it and every panel was just right. I assumed the owner must have paid thousands at a top paint shop to achieve such a finish, but when I later bumped into the the owner he told he had painted it all himself and just did it for a hobby! I was speechless!

A nice trip out and the Mex got plenty of attention as usual!