Blog – Out & About 17th May 2023, Batteries & Beer Gardens!

We managed to sneak out for a couple of hours in the Mexico last night to a local Yank & Classics Meet. It was touch and go, mind, as the car refused to start on the first attempt!

It can sometimes be a bit of a pig to start with having twin 45’s and no choke, but just lately if it does not kick into life almost immediately, it goes pretty flat pretty fast. This despite the battery only being about 18 months old and using one of the all-singing, all-dancing CTek battery conditioners.

The conditioner goes through all the various cycles and says everything is fine, but alas has very little in reserve when you come to start it, but then once jumped is fine. Ho-hum, another little project to look into but my suspicion is that the battery is buggered.

Anyway, once out we had a lovely evening with some lovely cars in attendance. images HERE

Now, better get my NOCO Boost X Jump Starters charged up just incase…

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