Gallery – Rudyard Classic Fords Evening – Wednesday, July 21st 2021

We had a fantastic turnout for the third of our mid-week Classic Ford evenings in Conjunction with the Oval Owners Club. The turnout of cars was incredible with everything from a MK1 Ford Escort Twin Cam to a brand new built 2.0 BDG MK2 Ford Escort rally car. We had a few teething problems with a double booking at the hotel, so I spent most of the night on parking duty, thus only managed to get a few images.
It was great to see the meet gathering momentum with so many cars in attendance I’ve never seen before. Hard to pick a favorite with so many tidy cars in attendance, but there were a few MK2 Escort rally cars and a three door Sierra RS Cosworth rally car that probably stole the show… but then there was a really nice Escort Twin Cam, and a lovely Sierra Sapphire RS Cosworth… you’ll just have to come to the next meet and see them all for yourself!
Next meet Wednesday 18th August from 6.30 pm onwards at Hotel Rudyard