MK5 Ford Cortina 2.0 Ghia

MK5 Ford Cortina 2.0 Ghia

You’re looking at my sons 1979/V Ford Cortina 2.0 Ghia Manual in period Brown complete with Vinyl Roof. It was in use daily until recently when an adjustment screw fell out of the Carb and now it just won’t seem to run properly. Probably an easy fix to someone in the know, but my lad bought this and a Capri at the same time and has decided to stick with the Capri and throw some cash at that. Hence the Tina is now for sale.

The engine and box, and general drive was all good and quite pleasant until recently. We think it’s the carb but it could be something to do with the electronic ignition that the previous owner fitted, we’re really not sure and to be honest, all efforts are focused on the Capri now anyway. All I can say is that the 2.0 pinto seemed strong and we’re fairly sure the engine is sound, it’s just some fuelling/ignition issue. It’s done around 105k so should still have plenty of life left in her. With the running issue in mind, I’d say better to collect with a trailer, unless you are a bit handy with old Fords, have some tools with you and a fully paid up AA membership!…

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