MK1 Ford Focus RS With Rare CGI Carbon Graphite Block

MK1 Ford Focus RS With Rare CGI Carbon Graphite Block…

Only 64k miles on clocks / old engine – brand new engine installed with 300 miles on

* very rare cgi block – carbon graphite – better than forged! *
* ford specialist / guru – ian howells spec and built engine – 17/05/2021 *
* sitting on brand new michelin sport 4 tyres *
* new powder coated wheels *
* new drilled and grooved discs & pads all round *
* new suspension *
* very very rare cgi block *
* cosworth forged pistons and rods capable of 1000hp – world rally teams use them – engine will melt before these internals fail! We decided to keep the whole engine standard on the outside as far as the rs look goes but we spent the money on the strongest parts inside – the whole car looks stock *
* upgraded garret turbo *
* new bosch battery relocated to boot *

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