Cat C 450 bhp Ford Sierra RS Cosworth

450 bhp Ford Sierra RS Cosworth…

Before I go any further this car was damaged in the early 2000s and is recorded as category C, if this bothers you please don’t read any further. This car was then turned into the well known red car which was a beast! ( see last 2 pics) I bought this car as it was in red with the big wheels, rs500 bumpers etc and mental engine with genuine RS500 T4 turbo etc. I didn’t like the car in red as it had a gold coloured fleck in the paint which was tacky, if it was plain red I probably would have left it as it was. I then had the car stripped, sold the rs500 bumpers etc and restored it back in Ford diamond white with refurbished 3 door correct wheels etc and normal 3 door front bumper and rear spoiler, just as it should be. The engine is still the same though I didn’t change that, just removed it for the colour change and refreshed it cosmetically and put it back in. It’s a 200 block with bigwing sump, apparently it’s got forged pistons etc but I have no proof, it has the genuine Garret rs500 T4 turbo, Siemens black injectors, wasted spark set up, anti lag, launch control, I would say it’s around 450bhp, it’s mental.

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