Blog – Four Wheel 3d Optiflex Alignment For The Mexico

It’s always nice when you can put a tick to one of the big jobs on your ‘to do’ list! 

One such tick recently applied to the Mexico has been to replace the steering rack. When the car was restored at The Escort Agency we were struggling to find a really good one to put on it, so ended up making one decent-ish rack out of a couple we had in the hope that we would find a better one further down the line. Don’t get me wrong it’s been fine, but on the original hand-over of the car after running it in, it was discussed as a point for improvement. We’ve kept a look out for a decent one for a while but nothing has turned up, and as we have not started doing a few track days and sprints in the old girl we thought it was about time we addressed things properly.

As such, we had a chat with Martin at the Escort Agency who recommended a brand new unit from the experts at Kiley Clinton in Birmingham. We got straight onto them, and after a very helpful chat got one ordered. The unit was built and shipped out to us shortly after and we could not wait to get it on.

As the car was due it’s annual MOT (yes, we know it doesn’t need one but it’s a good way to keep it ship-shape) we decided to the get the rack and tracking done at the same time so got the car booked in with James and the team at Rudyard Lake Garage – experts with all types and ages of Land Rovers, so an old Escort was no bother!

The finished result is incredible, it’s like driving a different car. With the new rack the steering is tight, precise and predictable allowing much better cornering at high speeds. All this due in no small part to the special Four Wheel 3d Optiflex Alignment system they have on site to set ap all aspects of the cars tracking, toe and camber.

To say we’re impressed with the difference would be an understatement – just can’t wait to get it on the next track day at Curborough Sprint Course now!

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