Blog – Drop in visit to Autobrite Direct and The FC Paint & Mechanical Restoration

I paid a visit to Autobrite Direct today to stock up on Citrus Wash and a few other essentials to prep the Mexico for the RS Owners Club National Day on Sunday. It was nice to catch up with Andy who will also be taking his stunning Java Green MK2 Ford Escort RS2000 over to Donington and also get a few recommendations for new products which I’ll look forward to trying!

On leaving I realised I was getting a bit low on V Power so a quick search took me to the nearest fill up in Fenton. Once filled up I was only a stones-throw from Scott and David over at  The FC Paint & Mechanical Restoration Work. By coincidence they’d posted a few images on their Facebook page of a tidy MK2 Ford Escort RS2000 Broadstripe they were doing some work on, and I’d also seen some images on one of the Cosworth groups of a white Ford Escort RS Cosworth that had just been taken in for some TLC, so decided to drop by and take a look.

As usual it was a feast for the eyes. The MK2 Ford Escort RS2000 Broadstripe was in lovely condition and partway through an underbody restoration. The original floor had been covered in underseal from new and on stripping it back it looked amazing! At the back they were also working on a new Ford Sierra Sapphire RS Cosworth race car for themselves (you can never have too many race cars) and there were also a couple of lovely Escort RS Cosworth’s, one had just had an underbody restoration completed and the other was the one I’d seen on the Cosworth groups – both stunning cars!

All the work being done was to their normal incredibly high standards and there will certainly be some happy owners when they get their cars back! If you need any classic car repairs, servicing or restoration be sure to pay them a visit at: