1991 Ford Sierra RS Cosworth 4×4

How about this 1991 Ford Sierra RS Cosworth 4×4 in Magenta pushing 260bhp…

This car has wanted for nothing it genuinely does look like new and drives fantastically. Meticulously serviced only by the Ford dealership with every invoice (over 70+ invoices) documented.

I have every MOT certificate. Service history is brimming full with mainly ford dealership stamps. Last serviced at ipswich Ford and will be more than happy to run it down to the local Ford dealer for its service and stamp to complete the collection of stamps.

In 2015 the car was examined and tuned by the Ford Specialists DYNOTECH. Prior to this the car had been running standard and finally it was decided that a modest tune would be a satisfying performance bonus. The report was satisfying as it was encouraging to see the Engine was still performing near to its ‘as new’ condition. Compression was excellent and the results are shown. The fuel pump and all other ancillary components were checked and It was suggested that a new set of Iridium Plugs be fitted. The total cost of all this work was over £1000 in the end and the Actual BHP was increased to around 260bhp which is a lot for such a light car. Fantastic to drive with the 4×4 the new power gives you a real smile on your face. A few years ago it was fully sound proofed and had poly bushes fitted.

More pics on eBay >> https://bit.ly/3V9KfYK