1986 Group B Ford RS200 Evolution with just nine miles from new!

1986 Group B Ford RS200 Evolution with just nine miles from new!

The original RS200s were powered by a turbocharged 1.8-litre 16-valve Cosworth BDA engine, known as the BDT. In standard form, it produced 250bhp, while in full race spec, it generated around 500bhp. RS200 Evo models featured a larger 2.1-litre version of the BDT, known as the BDT-E, which was developed by British engineer, Brian Hart. This engine had a bespoke, thicker-walled aluminium cylinder block and an upgraded turbo system. Power outputs varied, but they were estimated to be between 500 and 650bhp. The physically larger engine necessitated modifications to the chassis and firewall.We are proud to offer RS200 Evolution 086, an exceedingly rare and well-preserved example. Out of the 144 RS200s ever truly built, only 24 were official Evolutions. Among those, only four were right-hand drive, and 086 is believed to be the only right-hand drive example built by Ford rather than being a later conversion. This RS200 Evolution is arguably the lowest mileage RS200 in the world, having covered a mere nine miles from new across its three owners.086 was one of three cars originally purchased by Gary Baker in 1988 for European Rallycross racing, but it never saw action. It was stored from 1988 until 2011, when renowned rally collector and competitor Jim Avis

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