Classic Fords For Sale – December 2016 Project Update


Readers of Retro Ford Magazine will have noticed we are now sponsoring their Project Cars section. As part of this we will be publishing monthly updates in the magazine following the progress of our own builds and projects. However, for those who have not been able to pick up a copy you can catch up with our latest news here…

As for projects we’ve got plenty on the go at the moment. We’re in deep on a bubble arched MK1 Escort Mexico restoration. It’s been a long road bringing this lovely old girl back to life and for over two years she’s been under the expert care of Martin and his team at The Escort Agency. This particular car has been in the family for almost thirty years so it’s a build very close to our hearts. With fabrication almost complete we’re starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel… just!




We also have an early MK2 Mexico restoration about to get underway with Martin but the one we’re really scratching our heads over at the moment is a MK2 Escort RS2000. We bought it unseen last year as a parts car for the MK2 Mexico resto, but we were gobsmacked when we got it back home. It had sat on a farm untouched for many, many years and turned out to be a very rare base model with pretty much everything it had on it when it left the factory!! To be honest it’s got ‘resto’ written all over it, and as such, we haven’t dared take anything off it yet, so it could well be another one to add to the list!




For those who like it dirty, we also back Dave Hopwood’s awesome YB Cosworth powered MK2 Escort rally car. Dave built the car from scratch over twenty years ago and has been entertaining the Mull Rally crowds with it ever since – and putting up some mighty impressive stage times along the way! It’s just undergone its latest fully-arched incarnation and with that all done we’re about to get some new graphics designed and hope the get them fitted soon. An engine rebuild is also planned for the winter months during which we’re hoping to add a few new bits and pieces… you can never have too many horses!



We’ll bring you updates on all of this and more next month. If you’re on the look out for a project of your own, be sure to check out our listings!

First Published in Retro Ford Magazine


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