Classic Fords For Sale – January 2017 Project Update


It’s been another busy month for the project cars at Classic Fords for Sale. Our big wing MK1 Escort Mexico has been on its travels again, this time having been for a dip at Enviro-Strip UK Ltd in Tamworth. Steffan Gilpin from A Star Vehicle Movements did a sterling job with the transport offering a totally professional service from start to finish… we always like dealing with people who treat our cars like their own!


Once down at Enviro-strip the Mexico was booked in for the full monty to receive their four stage dipping process. The first stage focuses on the removal of all the paint using pyrolysis. Once all the paint has been stripped back to bare metal the car then goes through a special de-rusting process, and once that is complete the whole shell then gets a protective coating before being hand finished prior to etch priming.


We knew the shell was going to look good when it came back but the transformation was incredible! A real sight for sore eyes after all the time in fabrication – it’s really starting to look like a Mexico again… the light at the end of the tunnel has just been turned up another notch!

Once the dipping had been completed the car needed to be shipped back down to Martin and the team at The Escort Agency in south Wales, so we turned to Russell’s Transport who have a range of covered car transporters perfect for the job. The shell was picked up on one of their sliding-back transporters and a few hours later was back down with Martin in Wales – looking a whole lot different from when it was last there!


The dipping did its job perfectly and as expected uncovered a few tiny areas which will require further attention prior to paint. Martin will be going over the shell with a fine toothcomb over the coming weeks and once everything has been covered will be off to paint prep… Hurrah!

Over the last few weeks we’ve also been busy with an Escort project of a different kind altogether! We’ve commissioned Terry Barton to build us one of his epic 1/18 scale die cast Escort models and what’s more, once it’s been completed we will be giving it away on our website so make sure you are signed up to our newsletter! Terry specialises in paint and bodywork on real classics during the day and then turns his attention to model making at night, and take it from us – they are amazing!! We’ve given him a free hand to come up with something a bit special for us so we can’t wait to see it finished! You can follow the build on our website and Facebook page.


Well that’s about it for this month, don’t forget to check out our website and Facebook feeds if you fancy buying a classic Ford of your own, we feature all the best classic Fords for sale each and every day!

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