Classic Fords For Sale – February 2017 Project Update


We’re not quite sure where the last month has gone but nonetheless we managed a little progress on some of our projects! The MK1 Mexico restoration at The Escort Agency reached a bit of a milestone with all fabrication now fully complete. As a result it’s gone off to the body shop for paint preparation. It will be there for a good while now as there are a few cars ahead in line to be painted but all being well the next time I see her she will be Sebring red!


Cars in build up at The Escort Agency

Whilst the car is away Martin and the team will be getting to work on restoring the mechanicals in readiness for build up when the car returns. The Mexico still had its matching numbers Cross flow engine, although it had not fired for many years. They have already started to strip down the engine for a full rebuild so we’ll soon know what is needed. The engine had previously been bored to 1700cc with the addition of a Kent BCF2 cam and twin choke Webbers. Ideally we’ll be looking to keep it as close to this as possible aside from the addition of Twin 40’s.

I’ve been amassing an array of shiny bits in the office over the last year or so to replace those too far gone for restoration, so I took the opportunity to head down to Martin last month to drop them all off for inspection. To be honest it’s always nice to pay a visit even when my car is not there as it’s just as exciting seeing how other peoples restorations are progressing. The yellow Mk1 Escort YB Cosworth in build up is really starting to come together and it was nice to see a white MK2 Ford Escort RS2000 just back from paint which looked incredible – and only whetted the appetite further for when mine returns!


Dave’s YB Cosworth MK2 Escort rally car – ready for a rebuild in the spring

Back up North and Dave is about to get busy rebuilding the YB Cosworth engine in the MK2 Escort rally car. It’s done a few seasons work now so it’s time for a complete overhaul and hopefully will be ready for an event late in the spring. As such, various boxes of bits have been arriving from Burton so he’s good to go.


Last months giveaway on our Facebook group for a specially commissioned 1/18 scale MK1 Escort proved to be a major hit. Terry Barton worked his magic once more and really came up trumps as you can see from the photo! Ian Blackhall from Aberdeen was the lucky winner. We’ll have another fantastic prize to give away this month so be sure to check out our Facebook page!


Speaking of people working their magic, Benny at Axesent Creations has also been turning out some amazing artwork for us just lately, including the Fiesta Supersport used in last months issue and the gorgeous Tawny brown MK1 Transit used this month… and yes, we are looking to build a real one just like it! Once he’s completed our next few deigns we’ll be ready to get some merchandise sorted out.

That brings us up to date for this month, good luck with your own projects and if you are in the market for a new one, be sure to check out all the classic Fords for sale on our pages…

First published in Retro Ford magazine February 2017


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